About Us

Mindset Lab was founded in 2018 in Berlin by Spiros as a freelancing business, offering psychological training to athletes. It started with a laptop, an online presence and many cold calls, with the hope of taking on new clients. As with any new business, it had its ups and downs, and some unexpected challenges. Several years, a pandemic, and hundreds of hours of coaching later, more and more athletes turn to Mindset Lab to train their mental capacities. Around the same time, Spiros and Arne knew each other from the gym, and while talking about it, saw the untapped potential behind Mindset Lab. That's when they joined forces and created an offer that aims for excellence.

Today, Mindset Lab’s vision is more clear than ever. We aim to bring high quality, academic and practical psychological approaches to athletes, coaches and leaders around the world.


“My active time as a young competitive athlete taught me a lot, not least how to deal with setbacks and unexpected situations.”

Having been involved in competitive sports since a young age and with the dream of a professional career in tennis, I had to accept relatively early on that nothing would come of it. Today, I’m glad that it didn’t, because now I’m pursuing what I see to be my true calling as a psychologist.

After several degrees in psychology and in sport psychology, I have been supporting athletes and coaches on a psychological level since 2018, helping them to become the best version of themselves. I have been cooperating with several clubs in Germany, where I coach from young and promising athletes all the way to the experienced and proven elite. In my collaborative approach, I also work with the coaches, to establish a profound training culture. A milestone of mine was my collaboration with ALBA Berlin Basketball, one of Germany’s most successful and admired teams, in the 20/21 season. There, I had the opportunity to work with high performing coaches and contribute to the team’s success. Today, I pursue several avenues with the same goal. From coaches and athletes to companies and leaders around the world, I strive to bring psychological expertise to people and help them achieve their full potential.

Hard Facts

Professional experience


Immediately after completing my dual degree in sports management, I started the company Mindset Lab with Spiros. We both worked together in a gym for years and defined and found each other through coaching projects. For the joint startup, I bring the successful completion of my management studies. In addition, I love to organize and push things. This is quite useful for my favorite hobbies, sports of course and traveling. In the meantime, I have already seen some corners of the world. Due to my backpacking through South America I speak German and English as well as the basics in Spanish.

I found my way to sports in early childhood through Judo. There I learned as a martial artist what it means to stand your ground on the mat and to deal with pressure to perform. But the sport also taught me how to deal with setbacks and how to process them.

Now I would like to contribute my experience and motivation to our corporation Mindset Lab.

In addition I continue to work actively in a gym. Here I am mainly responsible for controlling and customer management. I also work as a nutritionist on the side.

Hard Facts

Professional experience