Coaches' Lab

Coaching comes in many forms. Coaches need not only to understand the technical and physical aspects of coaching, but also the psychology behind it. Mindset Lab’s Coaching Development program focuses on the psychosocial aspect of coaching, putting the individual at the center of things. Participants will go through coaching sequences, self- and group-reflection, and lectures, expanding their understanding and application of psychosocial principles.

Mindset Lab’s Coaching Development program is a two day weekend course for coaches, personal trainers and practitioners. There are no prerequisites to join our program and we welcome trainers regardless of their experience.

Coaches' Lab Approach

We offer coaches and practitioners the opportunity to expand their expertise and advance their coaching practice. We provide evidence-based knowledge and offer practical, applicable approaches to coaching excellence. We aim to support coaches to develop a clear understanding of their actions and inner belief system, and create protocols to guide them. Key topics covered are coaching philosophy, mindset theory, the coach-athlete-relationship, motivation theory, and self-care as a coach.

Our Goals

1. Understand and apply psychological concepts to elevate your coaching

2. Understand what drives your coaching behavior and how to optimize it

3. Gain profound insight into the coach-athlete-relationship and how to empower your athletes

4. Recognize and take care of your own mental wellbeing

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